Introducing my YouTube Channel!

I have been dedicated to keeping this blog since my teen years and my or my am I happy that I did that. However, I’m developing beyond what purely blogging permits me, and I’m less scared of producing content that shows a more personal side to me now that I’ve grown a bit more into […]

A weird sense of pride

Today I completed my first certification: a Coursera course by one of its cofounders, Andrew Ng entitled “AI is for everyone.” Is it? Learning more and more about the biases in data makes me worry for the future, but I want to be part of the solution.


To KCMO from NYC

What to do when you move across country? You learn.


The Math behind Firing Rate Models

In this blog post, I will summarize the firing rate model, as it forms the basis of the development of neural networks. I’ll work in how this relates to feedforward networks at the lowest level of processing before leading to recurrent networks. It also was one of the first models of artificial neural networks designed.



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