Lines You’ll Die For: A Man for all Seasons

In some of my better essays, I use anywhere from 5 to 15 relevant quotes from the work I’m talking about. This, at AS/A level is invaluable to earning higher marks.
But people often ask, ‘Which quotes are relevant?” Relevant means ‘having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand’ (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). If your writing about a theme, use quotes relating to that theme.
However, there are some exceptions. Some quotes are so powerful that they cut across EVERYTHING in that particular work.
In this case, I think 5 lines and 6 somethings from AMFAS cut a line in every way possible, not to say you shouldn’t memorize other lines. Enjoy!
Edition I’m quoting from: Bloomsbury’s AMFAS printed 2013.
Rich: ‘But every man has his price’ (p. 2)

Alice: ‘The Queen’s business.’ (p. 8)

Wolsey: ‘If you just see facts flat on, without that moral squint; with just a little common
sense, you could have been a statesman’ (p. 11)
Cromwell: ‘…you perhaps don’t realize the extent of his reputation. This ‘silence’ of his is bellowing up and down Europe!’ (p. 61)
More: ‘What you have hunted me for is not my actions, but the thoughts of my heart’
(p. 95)
Look for them in your versions. And some other things….
• Any and all references to water and land
• The Heron and The Falcon
• The Extent of the Church (pointing at More, Roper and Chaupys)
• The Common Man switchero in each scene
• References to King Henry VII
• Metaphors!!!! Any and all (overlaps with water and land)

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