Main Themes in A Man for All Seasons

  My second treat for you: some very MAJOR themes in AMFAS. Is my gift ready yet? A click on ‘Follow’ is all I’m asking for! Or some sweet-nothings in the comments section. (Requests for blog post ARE included) These themes are kind of obvious when you finish reading the book, but the points standing up as to why they’re obvious, that’s more coded. That’s why I’ve sent up some notes in a tidy Word document for you to download in your free time in a week. I know, I shouldn’t have. 🙂

  • integrity: More is the definition of integrity at its best while Rich is integrity at its worst.
  • conscience vs convenience: The Common Man’s main reason for not helping More is that he’d rather be ‘a live rat than a dead lion’. Not a good reason in my opinion.
  • corruption: ‘every man has his price’ This is Common Man’s standing point in the whole play; he personifies corruption so much so that only talking of him in a question about this theme will gain you full marks!
  • silence: as consent/opposition/protection/betrayal
  • law: God’s law versus man’s law.

3 responses to “Main Themes in A Man for All Seasons”

  1. As always, I admire and respect you each for your contributions to my work, and for the renewed faith and love, I will need to decipher and dig, but I will get a sample and plant it to see what grows from there. Much love always, Mama


    1. Hey angelalacey67, how are you? Thank you for your comment, but I am a bit confused. Robert Bolt wrote A Man for all Seasons…were you referring to another work?


      1. I am sorry, I beg your pardon. I was mistaken as to whom I was speaking.
        Have a wonderful evening.
        AK Lacey


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