Rough Outline of A Man for All Seasons Act 1

As part of the Advent Season, I present to you an Outline of Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons for you merry pleasure. Hope it helps! I know there are no scenes in AFMAS, but I’ve broken Act 1 into scenes where there is a scene change, or the Common Man makes a move.

Scene 1

  • The Common Man’s Speech
  • Here’s Rich! And More to Come!


  • The Low Man on the Totem

*Overlaps ends*

  • The Falcon and the Heron
  • The Farrier Son
  • The Queen’s Business

Scene 2: The Would be Statesman

Scene 3

  • The Boatman


  • C men are sly gossipers (Cromwell and Chaupys)

*Overlap ends*

  • The Unlikeable Heretic

Scene 4

  • The New Chancellor
  • The Heron takes a fall
  • Bribes
  • The King’s Approach
  • The arrival of the King
  • The elephant in the room
  • Roper’s word


  • The Last straw

*Overlaps ends*

  • The Devil’s Advocate

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