The Advent Season Kicks off! So my true love, what shall I give to you?

Merry Christmas in advance! Here in Ghana, we celebrate the King’s birth only on the 25th, but the holiday spirit abounds here and all over the world. So, I think some presents are in order. What do you think? A click to follow my blog? A sweet email (or comment) about what you guys want? A cyber kiss?

I know what I’m giving you guys this Christmas (and New Year’s and Valentine’s Day…): Thomas More, or more specifically, 12 symbolism points, 11 Bible Verses relating to More’s conscience, 10 techniques used, 9 tips in understanding drama, 8 ‘humor’ points, 7 did-you-knows?, 6 something-somethings, 5 powerful lines to memorize, 4 big themes, 3 roles played, 2 general outlines, and Thomas More in a Pear Tree. Actually, More is long dead, God rest his soul, so I can’t send a photograph of him in a pear tree, but I could draw some silly Christmas Comics for your sakes.

But, if you guys want professional silly comics about literature, check out Hark! A Vagrant a webcomic by Kate Beaton, the biggest history-buff I’ve ever seen. It about all the literary fumbles of heroes make in all types of work and it’s at

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