What is poetry?

Poetry is

my fair lady

Whom to her owns 

the words of my soul.

-Samuel Ntim-Addae

Poetry seems to be a lot of things nowadays; it could be a sonnet, a haiku, a thought…it doesn’t even have to rhyme anymore! With such an expanding definition of ‘poem’ it seemed right to describe its meaning with a poem, namely my brother’s work. 🙂

Simply put, poetry is an expression of human in any way possible. If it means not using standard English and deconstructing the little we have of grammar? Oh Kay…What if you wanted to write a continuous thought, no matter where it takes you like the night stroll of Continuum? Eh….as long as your poetry captures your ‘concentrated imaginative awareness’ through ‘meaning, sound and rhythm’, anything goes.

The reasons people write is almost as varied as the art form itself. As for poetry, there are three backbones:

  • To state an argument
  • Bring out an emotion
  • Tell a story

Do you see any variations when you write or read poetry? Why does it remind you of that? Comment on any of your ideas of the final truth if you dare in the comment section.

One response to “What is poetry?”

  1. I can do that; in poetry;
    State an argument
    Bring out an emotion
    Tell a story
    Communicating with no words, frustration so loud it can be heard, anger rises above the birds, yet there you sit.
    Me; yelling all my thoughts aloud, hoping to make you feel glad or proud, criticism’s all you can comprise, and there you sit.
    Kindness you once showed to me, care, concern, unceasingly, I too once was there for you.
    But there you sit.

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