General Outline of The Dilemma of a Ghost


  • Bird of the Wayside
  • Sweet Nothings on the Eve of Graduation

Act One

  • All Work and No Pay Is Not the Way
  • Family Reunion
  • Since WHEN???
  • Hurere the Amrikan
  • Let Us Start Weeping

Act Two

  • The Profit of Childbearing
  • Eulalie’s Monologue
  • The False Witch Hunt

Act Three

  • The Ghost
  • Boys Abre (the men are tired)
  • Snails
  • The Straw on the Camel and her rider

Act Four

  • Barren
  • Sprinkling of the Stools
  • Witch’s Brew

Act Five

  • Wake Up, drink. Stress Out, Drink.
  • My People and My Slap
  • The Dog’s Eye
  • The Truth Comes Outs
  • I Can’t tell…

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