Outline of The White Tiger: Night 1, 2 and The Fourth Morning

Night 1: The Basics

Night One deals with Balram’s personality and introduces the narrative of the story with a police poster of Balram. It introduces Balram’s build it up then tear it down attitude, which is also the style of many of his memories.

  • That Moment when you just have to say it in English
  • The Divine Arses
  • Half-Baked Clay
  • The Poster
  • Alias: Munna
  • Village Paradises
  • Servant Fashion
  • Vikram Halwai
  • The Sheraton Hotel
  • Seven thousand rupees
  • The White Tiger
  • To Kill a Master

The Second Night: The Wonderful World of Servitude

This, out of all the letters, is my favorite. It’s lighthearted and Balram in these memories seems relatively happy. It ends on a unhappy note however.

  • My Start-up Murder(s)
  • A Permanent Cure to TB
  • Human Spiders
  • Balram’s First Time
  • Indian Caste
  • Belly Bobs
  • Driver’s Test
  • The Smell of a Master’s Foot
  • Jackpot Liquor
  • Pinky Madame
  • Ram Persad
  • Servants’ Quarters
  • I’m Not Ready
  • The Divine Comedy
  • Wonder of Trees and Temples

The Fourth Morning: Indian Political Correctness

This letter deals mainly with the parliamentary democracy that exists in India today. Meanwhile, Ram Persad untimely exit leaves Mr. Ashok without a driver.

  • The Miracle of Democracy
  • The Great Socialist’s Visit
  • Ram Persad’s Secret
  • To New Delhi!

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