Revamp: Changes to An Idea of Literature

Hey guys! (If you want to skip all the reasons for the move because you’re panicking about Othello/John Keats/Americanah/The White Tiger go to Mismatched/Minds NOW.)

CIE A Levels are FINALLY drawing to a close, and with it, any reason for me to continue writing blog posts for this A Level Literature blog. Does that mean I will stop?

No…and yes.

No, I won’t stop writing on this blog about my academic pursuits. But I will not be be basing my blog posts around CIE A Level Literature anymore.

Come August, I will be attending Wellesley College as a hopeful Neuroscience major on a premed track. I also hope to minor in Studio Arts or another humanities subject as I’ve absolutely loved writing this blog for the past two years.

But why Nicole? Why would continue writing this blog if its no longer going to be on the subject matter you intended for it?

Making An Idea of Literature helped motivate me to study, research, and think through the works presented to me when I felt like I could relax and chill because my notes were on point. During my time in sixth form, I could not attend all of my literature classes because I was a science student with three practicals every Thursday and Friday. Knowing that by the end of the month I had to put out at least one piece of work, whether it’s just a hiatus note or a shitty assignment made me study hard to keep up with the class.

I mean, I was certainly motivated by the thousand or so people who read my blog every year, and the handful of people who personally contact me for help but whether I like to admit or not, I’m lazy. Having to form the habit of making legible notes to later edit into blog posts, and researching critics and A Man for all Seasons because they’re most popular posts helped me overcome this habit. If only I could have done this for ALL of my subjects!

You see where I’m going here? Studying, researching and analyzing are the core principles for any subject whether it’s biology, chemistry, physics, or literature. Plus, Studylrs are stupid. I don’t want to “beautify my notes” if no one can read them, and if all I do is complain that I’m cramming for my next exam.

There are few blogs that exist currently that explain college level concepts in easy to ready 1,000 word pieces like what I have here, and having a long standing blog helps me build internet-cred for my other blogs and endeavors.

So there you have it! Come June 10, An Idea of Literature is no more.

It’s the time for Mismatched/Minds to form.

It’s been great! I hope you like the new changes!

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