This Semester: Planning for Fall 2017

I am taking 5 courses this Fall semester: AFR202: Autobiographies of African Americans, SOC202: Human Rights in the Modern World, MUS220: Jazz Theory, MATH115Z: Calculus with Biological Applications, and PSYCH214: Human Psychology. Count ’em, 5!

Although this is a lot more humanities based than my last 2 semesters, it’s still going to be a handful to work with in tandem with my volunteer work at Boston Children’s Hospital, my work-study job, my journey with weight loss, and my preparation to declare and choose my major and minor. (The last one already done. )

This semester is the last one where my major and minor are undeclared if I want to study aborad. Which I do; I’ve already been accepted into a Spring semester at Williams-Mystic where I will learn about America’s oceans.

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