Back to School, College Style: Sophmore Year

It’s that time of the summer when everyone wraps up their internships and vacations to come back to college. The only thing good about aging up in college is not lugging that God-awful pack of clothes, school supplies, food and other paraphernalia back, right?

Oh you silly, silly sophomore.

By this time this summer, the initial excitement of college has worn off and the work has started to settle on your shoulders, or you know, hit you upside the head. You now have your first year GPA you need to raise (or if you’re a lucky bastard, maintain), a major to decide, and more stuff to lug back and forth to class.


My List for the African-American Natural Sophmore Returning:

  • Planning to Pack Up Again in literally 9 months
    • Suitcase set: At least two large suitcases, a carry-on and a sturdy backpack. Lugging around two suitcases instead of dozens of boxes made move out day a lot easier
    • Plastic storage bin that doubles as a textbook prison.


You’ll be envy of all your friends come May


  • Fall/Winter Clothing set: Remember when you thought you would be an astute fashionista, always slaying in class and on the party-scene? Yeah…no.
    • 10 pairs of CUTE panties
    • 3 bras that fit
    • 3 pairs of jeans. Dark wash, dark wash, and major a lighter dark-wash? You won’t wash these till the end of the month, wear something that doesn’t show the stains
    • 2-4 skirts. Surprising, I’m an African print skirt person. Who would have thought?
    • 3-4 dark leggings. I swear you can’t have enough
    • Work-out clothes.
    • A gazillion basic tees, tanks, and long sleeved shirts: This makes up the backbone of most of your outfits, so having more than just white, grey, and black to fall back on would be nice.
    • A killer overcoat or outwear. I practically lived in my cream trench coat, and gray, black, and white winter coat when it was cooler.
    • 3-4 comfy shoes: sneakers, boots, and slip-on
    • 1-2 statement shoes: for when you know, you go out


  • Make-up: Since makeup takes up it’s own list now.
    • Powder foundation: for day to day us when you have an internship off campus.
    • Cream foundation: For looking fleek when you go out
    • Mascara
    • chapstick
    • lipstick
    • lip stain: I love red lip stains.
    • lip gloss
    • eye liner
    • brow brush
    • brow liner


  • Textbooks: I Hate Textbooks, Amazon, and Slug Books are great places to look up the ISBN numbers of your textbooks. Rarely will your college’s book store beat their prices. Or wait a couple days till your classmates start selling their (introductory level) textbooks on Facebook or wherever you people congregate.


  • The Religious Person Portfolio: You will need to work hard for your faith. I’ve been less than…a good Christian this past year, and on top stress, the last thing I want to add to my list of worries is being estranged from the Only Being I can be totally honest with.
    • Your Bible or your Holy Book (no matter how old. I can’t part with my Super Surfer bible from when I was 14.)
    • A notebook specifically for notes on that Scripture, there’s a lot of cool Prayer Books too if you’re into that.
    • Accountability apps: Pick your sin, any sin! The Victory App and Covent Eyes are built for sexual sin but can be repurposed for whatever you please. (Read unhealthy Instagram accounts) Or you could join Instagram groups for Faith Motivation
    • Faith Blogs or Devotionals Bookmarked on your browsers: You never know when you need a prayer for an impending assignment you just remembered or a friend to minister to. I personally follow a lot of YouTube channels: GirlDefined, Grace and Mercy Unto You, Your Time of Grace. On the blogging sphere,  I love Desiring God, Dale Patriridge, and Adam4d, a Curiously Christian Comic.  


  • Hair supplies: I’ve been natural since I was 15, but it’s only since I’ve started college that I’ve started wearing out as it is. Let me tell you, it is a learning curve, but one that every black girl should go through at one point. What better time then college? No SheaMoisture is not cancelled. Their products are the bomb!
    • sulfate-free shampoo
    • normal conditioner
    • deep conditioner
    • leave in conditioner
    • hair mask
    • styling gel for those twist outs
    • detangling comb
    • afro comb
    • bobby pins: lots of them
    • hair ties
    • YouTube subscriptions to all the hair


  • School Supplies
    • TWO Three subject Mead notebook
    • Pilot gel pens: black 12
    • Post-its: I decorated most of my printed textbooks with this!
    • highlighters
    • notebook
    • A good lamp, for when your roommate goes to sleep


  • Snack Attacks: If you don’t want to gain the 30lbs I did, keep food well away from yourself.
    • Eggs: No one cooks my eggs the way I cook my eggs
    • onions, tomatoes, and spinach stolen from the dining halls: You technically paid for it
    • Teas: Although I know that Wellesley has a better tea selection, you don’t always have Mint Medley all the time.
    • Protein bars: to lose the 30lbs you gained


As always, this is not a complete list. But, it’s my list.


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