Frederick Doouglas’ Narrative: An Outline

The first impression I’ve had from this book are confusion, disgust, and fear of the worth of a human soul. Basically, I’m shook at the nature of cattle slavery in America and its dehumanizing effects on both the slave and the slaveholder.

Chapter 1

  • A treatise on a birthday
  • Mother Farthest
  • Daddy Issues
  • Introducing my Master
  • Aunt Hester

Chapter 2

  • The Auld Family
  • Allowances of food and clothing
  • A bed for none
  • Mr. Severe
  • Mr. Hopkins
  • The Great House Plantation
  • The Blues

Chapter 3

  • The Garden
  • The Treatment of Barney & Barney
  • “Are you treated well?”
  • Superior Masters

Chapter 4

  • Mr. Gore
  • Demby’s Death
  • Black Lives DOn’t Matter

Chapter 5

  • The Good slave Life
  • Hunger and cold
  • Clothing allowance for Baltimore
  • Baltimore

Chapter 6

  • Sophia Auld
  • If you give a nigger an inch
  • A City Slave


Appendix: A Note on Christianity


Chapter 7

  • Learning how to read
  • Injuries to the Slave and Slaveholder
  • Unpardonable
  • Ignorance is bliss
  • Learning how to write

Chapter 8

  • The Property of Captain Anthony
  • Grandma Bailey
  • St. Michael’s

Chapter 9

  • St. Michael’s (cont’d)
  • A Natural Slavemaster
  • The Christian Slaveholder
  • Mr. Convey

Chapter 10

  • Mr. Convey
  • The broken slave body
  • Making a man out of a slave
  • Brunken Freedom
  • The Sins of a Slave
  • Mr. Freeland
  • A botched runaway attempt
  • Calking
  • Poor Whites vs Slaves

Chapter 11

  • I Can’t Kiss and Tell
  • The Underground Railroad
  • “An Honorable Robber”
  • Don’t think of the Future
  • Hired Time
  • The Escape
  • Fugitive
  • Mr. Ruggles
  • New Bedford
  • Frederick Douglas
  • Liberator


Frederick Douglass was certainly a writer; this Narrative flows well and pains the reader in ways I thought a 300 page book couldn’t. It pains to read about the suffering of Douglass and others in this book and reminds me that without their suffering, I wouldn’t be in the US now.


makes use of chiasma

a human is a social being

you are born with a capacity for social


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