Greetings from a ‘S—hole’ Country

Hey, it’s Nicole here on vacation from the USA back in my motherland, Ghana. The sun is high, harmattan is dry, and the tilapia and yam chips are fried.

It’s good to be home. It’s good to see the progress Ghana has already made, from no dumso where I reside to consistent clean pipe water. My dog is alive, slow, but alive and well. On Sundays, in the distance there’s singing–Church is a must here. It’s nice to see the new developments that Ghanaians are working with the Chinese to build, and the students, exhausted from the disrespect abroad have come to manage.

It’s not the West. It’s not America, just yet. But it’s happy. My anxiety and worry seem to melt away at the laughter of my family and friends. It’s working, and it’s culture is still inspiring its children at home and abroad.

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