Where to Get Healthy Trash

Since starting college, I’ve realized that you have very little time for anything else but learning. While that’s not a bad thing, that makes absorbing new material that has nothing to do with your major requirements, minor requirements, graduation requirements, or isn’t a requirement in general pain in the brain.

And we already have enough pain don’t we? So in place of reading 18th and 19th century novels and hour long historical documentaries, I amuse myself with this trash when I’m trying to keep up with my class:

1. TV Court Shows: Divorce Court is my all time favorite of these, and why wouldn’t it be? It updates nearly everyday on YouTube, and has 11 years worth of epic ratchet and bougie sweetness to watch in your spare time (or when you’re procrastinating ) The reason I prefer this to actual crime television now of days is because you can put your mind in autopilot: these people often act as caricatures and Judge Lynn Toler’s makeup is always on point.

2. Establishment Media: Whether it’s fake news or hate speech, you can’t deny that most of media today’s main job is to demonize the other side of the spectrum. With the exception of BBC and Aljeeza, most network news today focused only on America’s crazy. If you aren’t in the mood to actually read the article, skim the comments section of CNN and Brietbart. Both are SPADES of crazy.

3. YouTube Commentators: 20% of YouTube’s political and social commentators are worth a damn. Jordan Peterson is the only legitimate commentator I’ve seen and respected for more than a month. Others, depending on your political alliance and beliefs are foul trash. Be careful with this past time before you delve deep down the rabbit hole, but man are they entertaining.!

4. Webcomics: Sturgeon’s rule is worse when you apply it to comics. There’s no bar of entry, and often the comics are down right horrible, but have a huge and dedicated following. Why? I’ll never know. They make you feel better about your abilities in telling stories and drawing for that matter. Bittersweet Candy Bowl and Assigned Male are comics that don’t have a lot of substance but are amusing to read.

5. Harlequin Novels: It’s not Fifty Shade of grey, but most certainly, the backs of these books kill me with laughter every time.

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