Fun in College if you don’t Party Like that

Maybe you’ve been in college long enough to realize the only way you can have fun when you go out to a trash party is to be trashed yourself. Depending on your personality, that might not work for you…all the time.

But what is an undergraduate to do if they don’t have fun while in college? Especially something that won’t hit your pocket as hard.

Partying is expensive, especially at Wellesley. You have to pay for transportation to and from Boston/Cambridge (where all the truly blessed messes are), an outfit pressed to the gods that for whatever reason you feel like you can’t wear more than twice, and of course the ahem alcohol/treats you’ll eat when you’re out and about.

Although every college student should go out to a raging party at least once during their undergrad, having that be the only way you have fun will drain your pocket and your liver. Beyond that, most people don’t go to parties to have fun, they go to look like they’re having fun.

Bake cookies. Sugar is always good. Not health wise anyway but it’s a sweet treat, And it builds a community back on campus.

Go on a McDonald’s run in the middle of the night with friends to the gas station by your school and entertain the late night employees. You’ll never forget it.

Volunteer with a worthy cause. Now if you don’t like to work, you can change the word cause to “things I should do as a healthy human”.

Wearing something fancy just because. I get joy putting together outfits and studying in something sexy just for the sake of it. Make it even more fun by having a photoshoot with friends!

Pull a non-academic all nighter. Just talk with friends.

Netflix and chill in the literal, non-idiomatic use of the word. You don’t even need to use Netflix for this! Hulu and Showtime come free with Spotify, and if you have Amazon Prime, Amazon Video is always there for you. If not you can buy a movie on YouTube. Let the binging commence!

Walk the campus under the stars. Revel in not being able to take a picture of it with your phone; sit in the peace of using your eyes to see the world and remember it.

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