All the Ways Student Loans Screw You Over

Can you imagine getting a 99% fail rate? I am antsy to start paying back my loans and be free from a debtor’s pocket. But why do we always dig into the same holes?

  1. Make them un-dischargeable in the event of bankruptcy. Unless you die or pay them all off, these loans will follow you for the rest of your life. That’s disturbing financially because other mistakes can be forgiven and circumvented.
  2. Have them rule over your job opportunities; you take a job that you don’t want for less pay than you deserve to ‘keep up’. Or, you wait for the perfect job and have interest jack up the principal amounts EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  3. Student Loan Forgiveness Program Rejects 99% Of Applicants. Listen, if it hadn’t been written by a reputable money website, I wouldn’t believe it myself.

Why I’m talking about this with less than 10k in debt:

I thinking about going to graduate school, and a lot of my family is thinking of me going immediately after school. I avoided the scrounge of having a heavy neck piece in college, a lot of people seem to be trying to push me into getting a neck piece for graduate school.

Why would you encourage a young person to especially go into 250k debt for a medical degree? I don’t think that my pursuit for something in medicine is over, but it certainly is changing. To what, I don’t know just yet.

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