The Most Painful Textbooks I’ve Spent Money on

Every semester, I peel out something around $300 for textbooks. Of course I scour the internet for free PDFs, courses without expensive tags, but sometimes that’s not enough.

The horror of college spending is that like food and rent, if you want a strong foundation, you need the textbooks. These were the most disrespectful books I’ve ever bought.

  1. Pearson French Textbook: It asks you to pay $170 for a textbook and access to the rest of the site. It’s buggy and doesn’t run as smoothly its price point would assume.
  2. The Protestant Ethnic and the Spirit of Capitalism: This is the only personal finance book I should have bought IF it was easier to read. Given, it’s been translated from German and its from
  3. Any science textbook I couldn’t rent off Amazon. They know exactly who they’re writing for: college students who would never on their own dime buy these books “for fun” so they make these the driest books ever.

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