A weird sense of pride

Today I completed my first certification: a Coursera course by one of its cofounders, Andrew Ng entitled “AI is for everyone.” Is it? Learning more and more about the biases in data makes me worry for the future, but I want to be part of the solution.

I’m scared to fail but I need to start.

I majored in neuroscience and sociology and only in my last semester did I discover my love of artificial intelligence and its untapped potential. But even as I started falling in love with the prospect of learning about something that excites me, I’m scared that I won’t be capable enough to finish what I started.

In my own small way, finishing this small, simple course has given me the push that I need to continue pursuing my interest in AI especially as I begin to apply it to healthcare issues that have had my mind since last year.

I may procrastinate, but I get the job done. I’m learning Python and C++, learning about neural networks and supervised learning and will be recording my notes here, like I always do. I’m excited to keep learning!

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