My Projects

Now that I’m adulting, I have several other responsibilities other than just my blog.

This NYC girl is now in KC! I currently work as a Product Manager for Gradient Health, Inc.

I now have a full-time gig as a 2020 Venture for America Fellow! As part of my fellowship, I worked full-time with Fenaroli & Associates as their first Entrepreneurship Manager and Research Associate.

Here are the more interesting ones (that are online) that kinda represent my life’s MO:

KC Defender: I work with a nonprofit digital startup producing news, digital tools and public services for Black people across the midwest on their Web Dev team.

MIT STEP D(AI)Ly: Daily-AI, or Everyday AI is a curriculum designed by MIT educators and experienced facilitators that features hands-on and computer-based activities on AI concepts, ethical issues in AI, creative expression using AI, and how AI relates to the future of middle school to high school aged students.

Normaliz: Normaliz seeks to diversify datasets to represent the diversity of humanity. We tackle algorithmic bias in healthcare. Our first project is Melanomix.

MIT Data+Feminism: The “heritage landscape” of a city is the collection of street names, monuments, statues and other markers of history in public space. In this early-stage project, we are exploring ways to audit the heritage landscape of cities to interrogate whose history gets commemorated and whose is omitted, forgotten, submerged, or overwritten. I will be working on data visualization of these streets.

Here’s a summary of the projects I worked on and supervised Fall 2020!

VisualxMed: A start-up a medical infographic company I worked for. 

Gossamer Rainbow: My private blog of interviews with webcomic creators, YouTubers, and artists alike. 

Flying the Coup: What will be the start of my own webcomic…when I get the time….eventually…

Flying the Coup Logo

If you’re feeling especially generous, donate to some of the volunteer opportunities I’ve taken on since coming to the US:

Let’s Get Ready!: a SAT tutoring firm that helps out struggling teens get ready for college (and stay there)

Haley’s House: a small Boston soup kitchen and bakery that’s supported the community for over 50 years. 

Boston Children’s Hospital: my place of work for their Volunteer 2017/2018 cycle! 

Index on Censorship: My summer 2018 internship about international freedom of speech.

ONETrack International: A transition to home non-profit that works with African orphans to relocate them to family homes in their home country.

ICLEI USA: I help make curriculums about climate change.

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